Cationic Bito Prime Emulsified Bitumen (Prime Coat):

Bito prime or prime coat is a penetrating emulsion coated bitumen which is spread between base and binder layer (asphalt) and it is used for better cohesion between asphalt and non-asphalt layers, waterproofing and filling micro cavities on the base. Ambient temperature should be over 20 ˚C in spreading time and traffic, preferably should be prevented. Asphalt layer spreading should be done after bitumen breakage which happened at most in 6 hours .

Type of emulsified bitumen Spreading per cube meter Emulsified bitumen temperature in spreading time Percentage of bitumen
CSS1-SS1 ۸۰۰-۱۴۰۰g ۴۰-۷۰˚C ۵۵-۶۰% of emulsified bitumen weight

The following essential items should be considered in using Bito prime:

  • Spreading should not be done under 10˚C (coldness may cause early breakage of emulsified bitumen before compilation of the process)
  • Bito prime should be heated to 70˚C in the winter (considering type of asphalt distributer burner, the most recommended temperature is 50˚C because if the burner directly used and distributer is without cover, temperature of the tanker would differ 20˚C from the burner pipe in the middle of device)
  • Bito prime spreading should be done between the hours of 10 to 14 in the winter (direct sunlight in the noon may cause heating floor area)
  • Bito prime should not be distributed in rainy days so that emulsion breaks early before forming bitumen and penetration film (dampness on the surface does not make disorder if water is not accumulated)
  • Blotting out and Pounding soil on the base is significant; otherwise, emulsified bitumen may break and exfoliate.
  • Traffic should be controlled before breakage and forming bitumen film stage, otherwise bitumen sticks on tires and they will be transferred on city streets and after being hard on the roads it is recognizable and tough to be removed; although soluble bitumen MC250 will be eliminated through hotness and car traffics because of oil. Therefore, Bito prime should not be used in urban environments or where traffic could not be controlled.
  • Diluting emulsified bitumen, pressing wind on the surface before spreading, traffic control, rare water spraying to remove dust on the surface would improve the quality of distribution.