Cationic Bitucoat Emulsified Bitumen (Seal Coat):

Bitucoat emulsion (Seal coat) is used as waterproofing coverage on asphaltic surfaces. This is used as one of protective asphalt methods. Also for maintenance and reforming appearance form of asphaltic pavement through creating a uniform and black layer. Bitucoat emulsion will decrease weathering pace of asphaltic pavement and it is one of durability increasing methods. Bitucoat is produced in different types of CSS-1, SS-1h, SS-l, CSS-1h. crushed sand is used amount of 0.5 to 0.8kg after Bitucoat emulsion spread in order to increase durability of asphaltic layer which would be damaged through heat and traffic and also to increase friction in some cases, sand is spread in the opposite angel of the first distribution to completely supply uniformity and waterproofing coverage .

Inappropriate spreading of Bitucoat emulsion will cause bitumen corrosion which leads to make the surface slipping and create hazardous condition specially in the rainy weather. Also improper spreading of material or water steam pressure from soffit will cause stripping and infiltration of bitumen into the surface. Therefore, Bitucoat emulsion with bitumen percentage, cohesion promoters and proper breakage along with precise calculation of spreading range of emulsion and material will increase asphaltic pavement durability. Produced Bitucoat emulsion of the company has been used in the road network of the country such as Qom and Isfahan provinces in the past years.