Structure Pasty Tile Glue:
Structure Pasty Tile Glue is based on Acrylic emulsion resins. It has a very high adhesion capability; besides, it is impermeable against water after getting dry.
•    High adhesion to most surfaces
•    Proper resilience
•    Impermeable against water after getting dry and keeping its adhesion property
•    Resistance against coldness and heat
•    Sticking on old tiles
•    Fine-facade tile and ceramics installation
•    Capability of installation on cement, plaster and stone surfaces
•    Tile  installation on the tile
•    Using in bathroom, kitchen and hallways
Amount of use:
Depends on lower level of the surface between 1/5 to 3 kg/m2
Method of use:
First, desired surface should be clean and dry from any dust and oil. In cases that lower level ruggedness is higher than normal, the place should be flat through cement and concrete glue and tile glue is finally spread onto the surface via combing-spatula and it should be tighten in its place. Hardening time is not fast so that enough time should be considered for performers. Prepared place is threading after 24 hours and ready for operation after 72 hours.
The product is stored in main packing containers in +10 and +40
Never use pasty tile glue in water retaining structures such as pool. Powder tile glue should be used as an alternative for these cases.
It is offered in 4, 10 and 20  L containers.