Structure Powder Tile Glue:
It is made on the basis of cement, minerals and thickeners. These substances become pasty after mixing with water. It is perfectly impermeable against water and wetness.
•    Installation of tile, ceramic and stone on concrete, cement, plaster and stone surfaces
•    Tile installation on the tile
•    Tile installation in water conservation structures such as pools
•    Very high adhesion to lower surfaces
•    Suitable flexibility
•    Perfectly impermeable against water and wetness after drying
•    High running speed because of proper flexibility
Method of use:
Desired surface should be dry and clean from any dust and oil. Water is added 25% of the glue weight and homogenous paste should be made, then it is spread onto the surface through a combing-spatula. After adding water, tile should be fixed in its place in less than 30 minutes. This powder glue is applied 5/1 to 3 kg per cube meter.
It could be stored for 12 months, in main packages in +5 to +45   and away from sunlight and wetness.