Bitutackt Cationic Emulsified Bitumen (Metal Corrosion Protection):

Bitutackt emulsion doesn’t need warming up, is prepared to use, non-flammable and with a dual pump which sprays Bitutackt and saline simultaneously. This product is water-based so that it doesn’t have environmental hazards. It is used for metal surface coverage and it is protective against corrosion which may happen by dampness and or chemical substances. Some applications of the product are as the following:

  • Using as a stainless substance in building structures and industrial plants
  • Metal barrel coverage such as export bitumen barrel which is covered with combination of bitumen and oil these days and has a lot of environmental, financial and safety risks
  • Storage tanks coverage, pipe and metal fitting (with heat resistance up to 150˚C)
  • Metal ceiling coverage of mill building and warehouse which get surface rust and corrosion over time and need repairing while changing is not economic. In small amount of corrosion, there is no need to eliminate corrosion of the metal surface.
Particle charge of emulsified bitumen Consumption per cube meter Temperature of emulsified bitumen in application time Thickness of bitumen protective layer
Anionic 100-450 g 20-50˚C At most 2 mm

Bitutackt is cheaper, doesn’t need any additives substances or dilution with solvents and it is easily used in comparison with other covering and protective materials. Ambient temperature in spreading time is suggested to be over 20˚C and using pump for spreading the product is also recommended.