Bituplast Emulsified Bitumen (Plastic Asphalt):

Concrete and asphalt surfaces which have persistent exposure to the solar heat and climate change, will outwear rapidly, water penetrates in their pores and these factors may cause crack breakage and activation. They are also worn out hard by solvent seeping. Bituplast emulsion prevents from penetration of water, solvents and oil also it prevents from oxidation through forming an impervious coverage on the surface. It doesn’t get liquid in warm weather and it keeps it’s elasticity in very cold weather while is not broken. Bituplast coverage will increase asphalt life and decrease storing costs; therefore, it is an economic factor. Bituplast causes strength and protection of concrete and asphaltic coverage. It is not toxic nor flammable. It is used for the following applications:

  • Airport flight surfaces, specially in stop-flying section and flight repairing equipment
  • Surface of light and heavy machinery repairing workshop which are exposed to seep of solvents, oil and aliphatic materials.
  • Pipe and condensate, draining fitting which are exposed to highly acidic or alkaline environments
  • Gas station surface, refinery and places are exposed to seep of solvents and fuel
  • Humidity insulation for all asphaltic, metallic and concrete surfaces which are exposed to chemical damaging such as tanks and channels

Bituplast emulsion is presented in 20 liter packages and it has ability to be mixed wi