Bito Rubber Emulsified Bitumen:

Bito Rubber is an anionic emulsified bitumen. Bitumen film properties such as flexibility and cohesion will be improved when Bito Rubber is compound with polymer materials. Bito Rubber is used without heating in waterproofing of building concrete   surfaces (such as roof, floor of the kitchen, washroom, retaining wall and foundation), deck, buried surface of concrete bridges, RCC cover (concrete infrastructure). It is able to be compound with materials and used as sealing mortars. After getting dried (emulsion breakage) a bitumen film is formed and a flexible tenacious, black, impervious, waterproof and steam proof layer is shaped. This product has a suitable price comparison with similar products.


  • Don’t need to be heated and coldly used, impervious, seamless
  • Easily used and don’t need to add materials to the application site
  • Usable in wet   substrates
  • Having two applications of concrete protection and repairing
  • Free from synthetic fibers, odorless and usable in closed spaces
  • Compatible with the environment
  • Having high strength against soil acids, ions, sulfate, chloride and alkalis, also protector   of air-exposed surfaces

According to the application site, Bito Rubber could be used through pump, painting     brush, roller and spread through road construction bitumen distributer. The product is presented in 20 liter containers and with persistency of 6 months. It is also presented in 2 kinds of simple and polymer (SBR) anionic     emulsified bitumen.