Bitupatcher Cationic Emulsified Bitumen (Patcher):

Pavement damage is happened by one or combination of the following factors and consequently active and joined cracks are formed and asphalt durability is reduced.

  • Activation of asphalt pavement crack which is occurred through temperature change (shrinkage)
  • Bitumen reduction on asphalt surface caused by oxidation and wearing out
  • Surface demolition damage caused by vehicles and harmful substances for asphalt such as oil, solvents (gasoline and benzene)
  • Traffic impact
  • Water penetration from crack and substructure subside
  • Appearing of reflective cracks from underlying layers

This matter is significant in the cities while Bitupacher does periodic restoration and prevents from crack and pores development specially in autumn and winter. It is used manually and through a special equipment known as Bluepatcher. Bitupacher contains 65 to 69% of bitumen along with polymer additives. This product has been manufacturing for filling cracks and pores from 2008. Bitupatcher is presented with different combination percentage which is spread manually or through a special equipment such as Blupatcher