Bitumer Modified Bitumen (Polymer Modified Bitumen)

If asphaltic surface crack and fracture are repaired in early stages, asphaltic pavement will have more persistence which is formed thorough the following reasons:

  • Crack activation which is caused by traffic (back pressure to crack edge specially in transverse cracks)
  • Volume change caused by water freezing inside cracks
  • Water penetration and damage to substructure
  • Bitumen oxidation and stripping of asphaltic surface which help to create and develop cracks

Bitumer is manufactured in 3 types by using minerals and different sorts of polymers, this product is generated and supplied for hot sealing applications (crack and fracture repair). Hot polymer asphalt and basic polymer bitumen are used to produce Isogum. Using Bitumer in sealing with hot methods and also as a primary substance of producing sealing fibrous layers (such as Isogum) will cause promoting flexibility and reducing effect of bitumen layer which resulted by tensile and shear tension which naturally happened through subside, lateral load (earthquake) and temperature difference; each of these factors may happen alone or together. According to the sort of application, Bitumer is presented in 15kg packages (plastic with solubility) and relay tank (bulk). The product has ability to be mixed with sand.