Bitomix Prepared Cold Mixed Asphalt:

This product is presented in 2 types of Bitumix B (Bitumix and materials for making sealing grout in the building) and Bitumix R to fill holes.

Filling holes and damaged asphalt surface are preventive priorities in specially autumn and winter because it leads to indirect financial damage on vehicles, water condensation, freeze and develop cracks and holes and consequently leads to subside underlying layers. Whiles, Bitumix R which is a polymer prepared cold asphalt with high preservation, will restore local destruction, reduce asphalt milling and laminating costs, increase asphaltic surface persistency and reduce high cost of anew asphalt. The following new restrictions will be decreased through restoring (repairing) roads by Bitumix R.

  • Impossibility to use hot asphalt in cold weather conditions
  • Lack of technical and economic feasibility of hot asphalt transportation in long intervals and few amounts of which is required for filling holes.
  • Restrictions of blocking traffic to spread hot asphalt in passage net, according to increasing vehicles.

Bitumix R, is a combination of polymer emulsified bitumen and mountain materials with proper   breakage. It is offered cold, with 6 months persistency and in 25 kg packages. Some of advantages of this product are: easy transportation through road restoration agents, suitable price, storage stability, possibility to spread on wet surface without special equipment such as finisher and roller.