Cationic Bito Chip Emulsified Bitumen (Chip Seal)

Bito Chip emulsion is used for rural roads and patching by means of surface treatment or Chip Seal. Surface asphalt is executed through the general method of bitumen distribution (about 1800 to 2500 gram in cube meter) and from a very small distance, after material fracture (about 11 to 15 kilogram in cube meter) a rubber roller is used (to prevent from further breakage and reducing asphalt quality) in one layer or two (for road with more traffic and where noise should be controlled) or through Racked-in method and or using one Bito Prime layer (when underlayment is not asphaltic)

According to the importance of controlling viscosity and cohesion in different types of Bito Chip to be used as surface asphalt with 65-69% of bitumen which needed usually to add some polymers, this product has produced and offered from 2009. To determine a proper producing formulation and amount of usage, different factors should be considered; such as: amount of traffic, kind of aggregate and climatic conditions.